Learn in this weekend workshop
a strong and beautiful Tai Chi Sword Form.

Tai Chi Sword aims at building a strong foundation
in this practice and in connecting
with its powerfull essence

The Seven Stars Sword from the Wudang Mountains is one of the jewels of our transmission. It is an ancient method developed by the founding master Lu Dong Bin that unifies martial arts with Daoist ritual magic.


  • Learn healthy practices that you can bring home
  • Dedicate a weekend to release stress and tension from your body​
  • Get in touch with a beautiful community of practitioners all around Europe
  • Dive in a full immersive workshop on the ancient art of Daoist sword

Giulio Saltelli

“I believe deeply that we live in a great era of transformations of mankind wich final effects we cannot yet imagine. This hope is what brought me on my path and gave me strength ever since.

My passion is the magic of exploring the mysteries of the self and of the universe. It is this passion I found in spiritual practice that brings me back to the freedom and joy of my childhood.”


Giulio Saltelli is a teacher of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Daoist Meditation methods.

Studied for three years under Master Du Song Feng (Li Shifu) at Five Immortals Temple in Wudang, China where he also worked for two years as an instructor and Chinese/English translator.

He was taught karate from his father since the age of five and started the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and sitting meditation at the age of 18. His first contact with the Wudang mountains was the age of 19 on his first trip to China when he studied for one year from different kung fu academies and teachers before encountering his master at the Five Immortals.

In 2015 he founded Wudang Tian Ma and dedicated to teaching workshops and retreats about Daoist arts and spiritual practice.


Wudang Tai Chi

This ancient form imitates the movement of the stars and
galaxies to unify with their great power and wisdom.

The sword embodies the energy of clarity and strenght, the
power to cut between the true and the false, the focus and
determination that allows one to walk on a straight and upright path.


18:00 Friday 10th of Oktober. The classes start Friday evening from 19:00 to 21:30. 
Saturday and Sunday the classes will go from 9:00 to 18:00 with a break in between for lunch.

The program also includes:

Qi Gong basic exercises;
Kung Fu Warm up and Stretching;
Tai chi Sword Basics;
A section of the Wudang Seven Stars Sword Form

Practical information

  • Location, Dé Plek, Noord Brabantlaan 303, 5657GB Eindhoven
  • Enough parking space
  • Sleeping places available in Eindhoven.
  • 9th till 11th of Oktober 2020
Tai Chi Wudang Tai Chi

Workshop non residential

  • 19 hours classes
  • 9th till 11th of Oktober 2020
  • wooden practice swords available
  • price too much? we can make a few social price exceptions please contact us about the conditions


Tai Chi Wudang Tai Chi

Workshop with lodging

  • 19 hours of classes
  • 9th till 11th of Oktober 2020
  • wooden practice swords available
  • sleeping place for 2 or 3 nights, in Eindhoven
  • cooking area available


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Reviews about Guilio

A beautiful person

An adorable person and a cozy space! If you want to try Tai chí, I strongly recommend him.

A great teacher

Giulio Saltelli is a super master, very refined in his arts and with a big heart! If you want to learn real Tai Chi, as well as other pure Taoist arts, he is a great guide, as every great master should be!


The activities of Tian Ma Barcelona are something unique and exceptional for the health of the body, mind and spirit. In my modest opinion Giulio Saltelli is a person and a teacher with a big heart, with a specific preparation, already with lots of experience and a wide knowledge of the Taoist philosophy and the techniques of its disciplines. I was delighted to see this young man so attentive and responsible. I recommend his classes to everyone!


  • Noord Brabantlaan 303-307
    5657 GB Eindhoven

  • 06 - 83 019 871

  • info@diep-active.nl


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